Brookie making for 8 pc 1 hour oven, sieve For Brookie Choc Mix dark chocolate 240 g unsalted butter 60 g instant coffee 1 tsp Egg Mix large eggs 2 pc light brown sugar 60 g caster sugar 60 g Dry Ingredient plain flour 90 g baking soda 1 tsp dark choc chips 60 g …

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Honeycomb / 0.5 hours saucepan For Honeycomb Honeycomb caster sugar 175 g honey 100 g glucose syrup 1 tbsp bicarbonate soda 1.5 tsp Garnish dark chocolate 150 g flakey sea salt 2 tsp Others deep baking tray with parchment Directions Line a deep baking tray with parchment Heat the sugar, honey and glucose to 150-160c …

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