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Black Butter

Black Butter / 0.5 hours pan For Black Butter Ingredient unsalted butter 400 g black garlic paste 2 tbsp dark soy sauce 1 tbsp squid ink/charcoal powder 2 tsp Topping sea salt 1 pinch Directions Melt butter to nut brown stage Skim off foam and strain off leaving the solids in pan Whisk in remaining …

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Roasted Cauliflower Cheese Croquettes

Roasted Cauliflower Cheese Croquettes making for 12-14 pc 1-1.5 hours oven, saucepan For Cauli Ingredient cauliflower 1 headolive oilsalt   For Roux Cheese Sauce Ingredient butter 50 gplain flour 50 gwhole milk 500 ml Sauce & Seasoning salt 1 tspwhite pepper 1 tspground nutmeg 0.5 tspWorcestershire sauce 1.5 tbsptruffle mustard 1 tbsp Cheese strong cheddar cheese 100 …

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