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Roast Potatoes

For Potatoes


Maris piper potatoes 1 kg
Beef/chicken/veg stock


salt 1 pinch
infused fat 1/3

For Oil


duck fat/beef dripping 150 g
garlic 10-15 cloves

Spice & Herbs

bay leaves 2 pc
rosemary 2 sprigs
thyme 2 sprigs


  • Peel and cut the potato evenly 

  • Cover in the stock and bring up to a boil for approx 10 mins until just fork tender

  • Drain them and keep the stock to make a sauce/gravy

  • Dry potatoes uncovered in a fridge/freezer

  • Infuse the duck fat with the garlic, bay, thyme and rosemary on a very low heat for approx 30-40 mins

  • Strain oil to use

  • Mix potatoes with one-third of infused fat and a pinch of salt

  • Heat the remaining fat in roasting tray then add potatoes roast at 220c for 45-50 mins turning every 10 mins

  • Drain off the fat to roast for the final 5 mins 




  • 1 pound=16 ounces=453 g ; 1 tablespoon=15 g ; 1 teaspoon=5 g

credit to chefthombateman

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