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Red Wine Jus

For Red Wine Jus

Main Ingredient

shallots 2 pc
garlic 1 clove 
thyme 3 sprigs 
port wine 150 ml
red wine 300 ml
beef stock 800 ml
butter 5 g
salt & pepper


  • Roughly dice shallot and slice garlic

  • Sweat down shallots and garlic with splash of oil and pinch of salt

  • Add thyme then port and red wine reduce until syrup-liked

  • Add beef stock and reduce until thick enough to coat the back of spoon

  • Pass sauce through a sieve

  • Whisk in butter and taste for seasoning




  • 1 pound=16 ounces=453 g ; 1 tablespoon=15 g ; 1 teaspoon=5 g

credit to chefthombateman

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