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Curry Mayonnaise

For Curry Oil


veg/avocado oil 200 ml
garlic 3 cloves 
chilli 1 pc

Spice & Seasoning

chilli powder 1 tsp
turmeric 0.5 tsp
garam masala 2 tsp
ground cumin 1 tsp
ground coriander 1 tsp
salt 1 tsp

For Mayonnaise


infused oil
egg yolks 2 pc
dijon mustard 1 heaped tsp
sherry vinegar 1 tsp
lime juice 1 squeeze


salt & lime to taste


  • Slice garlic and chlili

  • Infuse the oil over a low heat with spices for 30 mins cool completely then starin

  • Whisk the egg yolk, mustard, vinegar and lime together 

  • Stream in the curry oil slowly and whisk until the mayo forms

  • Season to taste with salt and lime juice


  • Add oil to yolk gradually: oil can be broken into small droplet to emulsify properly 


  • 1 pound=16 ounces=453 g ; 1 tablespoon=15 g ; 1 teaspoon=5 g
  • Emulsion: mixture of two or more immiscible liquids that are dispersed and stabilized by an emulsifying agent
  • Mayonnaise can be kept refrigerated for up to 1 week

credit to chefthombateman

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