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BBQ Sauce

For BBQ Sauce


diced onion 1 pc
tomato paste 200 g
garlic 3 cloves


smoked paprika 2 tbsp
chilli powder 2 tsp
white pepper 1 tsp

Sauce & Seasoning

worcestershire sauce 3 tbsp
soy sauce 2 tbsp
cider vinegar 3 tbsp
dark brown sugar 50 g
molasses 100 g
pineapple juice 180 ml
honey 2 tbsp
salt to taste


  • Soften the onion in a splash of oil with a pinch of salt on medium heat

  • Add tomato paste and cook out for 2 mins

  • Add garlic, paprika, chilli powder and white pepper cook out for another 3 mins

  • Add Worcestershire sauce, soy, sugar, molasses and pineapple juice simmer for 10 mins on a low heat

  • Blend and season to taste with salt and honey




  • 1 pound=16 ounces=453 g ; 1 tablespoon=15 g ; 1 teaspoon=5 g

credit to chefthombateman

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