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Jam Roly Poly

For Jam Roly Poly


self raising flour 225 g
butter 115 g
warm water 120 ml
warm jam 6 tbsp


egg wash
caster sugar

For Custard

Cream Mix

whole milk 250 ml
double cream 350 ml
vanilla extract 1 tsp

Egg Mix

large egg yolks 5 pc
caster sugar 75 g


  • Mix flour, butter and water into a dough then roll out flat

  • Smother with jam but leave an edge around the outside

  • Roll into a spiral shape and seal ends

  • Brush with egg wash, sprinkle with sugar and bake at 200c for 40 mins

  • Heat milk and cream gently with vanilla until 80c

  • Whisk eggs yolk and sugar together

  • Temper the egg with hot cream then pour it back 

  • Cook slowly and stir until coating spoon consistency

  • Serve Roly Poly with custard and ice-cream


  • Tempering:slowly raising the temperature of the eggs while incorporating a hot liquid into them to prevent curdling


  • 1 pound=16 ounces=453 g ; 1 tablespoon=15 g ; 1 teaspoon=5 g
  • Jam Roly Poly: a flat-rolled suet pudding, which is spread with jam and rolled up then steamed/baked served with custard

credit to chefthombateman

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