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Bechamel making for 500 ml 1-1.5 hours saucepan, sieve For Bechamel Ingredient whole milk 500 mlonion 0.5 pcbay leaf 1 pcclove 1pc Roux butter 50 gplain flour 50 g Seasoning salt, white pepper to tastenutmeg 0.5 tsp Directions Gently heat milk with onion, clove and bay until just below the boil Cover with a lid and set …

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Bearnaise serving for 3-4 0.5 hours pan, sieve For Bearnaise Vinegar Reduction wine vinegar 100 mllemon 1 squeezeshallot 2 pcpeppercorns 1 tsptarragon few stalks Emulsion vinegar reductionyolks 4 pcclarified melted butter 250 gtarragon 2 tbsp Seasoning salt/lemon/white pepper to taste Directions Add vinegar reduction ingredients to a pan and reduce by 3/4 then pass through …

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Hollandaise serving for 2 0.5 hours saucepan For Hollandaise Ingredient yolks 4 pcwater 0.25 tspwhite wine vinegar 0.25 tsp melted clarified butter 250 g Seasoning cayenne pepper 0.25 tsplemon juice & sea salt to taste Directions Add yolks, water and vinegar to a bowl and whisk to break up Boil water and remove from the …

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