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cumin seed

Mojo Rojo

Mojo Rojo serving for 2-3 0.5 hours blender For Mojo Rojo Ingredient large sweet pepper 1 pcred chillis 2 pcgarlic 5 clovessmoked paprika 1 tspground cumin 1 tspextra virgin olive oil 100 mlsherry vinegar 30 mlsalt to taste Directions Remove pepper and chilli top and roughly cut into pieces Blend all ingredient and serve Principles / Notes …

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Mojo Verde

Mojo Verde serving for 2-3 0.5 hours pan, blender For Mojo Verde Ingredient green chillis 2 pc garlic 5 cloves fresh cilantro/coriander 100 g  cumin seeds 1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil 100 ml sherry vinegar  30 ml Directions Remove chilli top and roughly chop into pieces Lightly toss cumin seed Blend and serve Principles …

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