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Potato Terrine

Potato Terrine serving for 3-4 5+24 hours oven, pan, mandolin For Terrine Ingredient Maris piper potato 600 g  butter 250 g sea salt thyme Others parchment paper weight Directions Wash, peel and thinly slice the potato  Wash potato in cold water then pat dry Mix melt butter with potato Line a baking tin with parchment …

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Potato Pavé

Potato Pavé serving for 3-4 4+24 hours oven, pan, mandolin For Potato Pave Ingredient Maris piper potatoheavy cream 300 mlgarlic 6 clovesfresh thyme 6 sprigssalt generous pinch Others parchment paperweight Directions Thinly slice potato using mandolin Infuse the cream with the garlic, herbs and salt over a low heat for 1 hour Line your terrine mould/loaf …

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